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About Estelle Laybourne

I am a Futurologist and `Can Do` specialist dedicated to helping women take a hold of their future and create the life they want.

As a fully qualified experienced Life Coach and licensed `Renew You` Coach I help to develop a real `Can Do` attitude through a combination of clarification, challenge, inspiration, energising, visioning, insight and What If?

I am also accredited in Psychodynamic Counselling Skills, Mentoring, Training and Spiritual Counselling.; an experienced Workshop and Retreat leader, Speaker and Writer. Over the last 30 years I have explored what inspires and motivates people; and during that time I have reviewed a huge number of self-development books and courses. As a result of this my work is informed by inspirational authors and teachers such as Ariella Huffington, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Julia Cameron, John C Parkin, Brene Brown, Debbie Ford, Elizabeth Gilbert and Robert Holden.

"I just wish I could pick you up and put you in my pocket, and pull you out whenever I need to talk to you!" Annie, Hampton Wick

I create and facilitate inspirational bite size coaching sessions. Sessions that you will enjoy, look forward to and leave you feeling energized, enthusiastic and empowered.

I don`t work with off the shelf templates. I work with a range of practical, easily understood techniques and tools tailored to suit you and your needs. The menu includes mindfulness, values elicitation, reflection, collage work, visioning, relationship sculpting, journaling, book work, thought catching, re-framing, mind mapping, action planning; and gratitude. I have also developed my own unique techniques.
"Thank you Estelle for helping me to face the areas in my life where I seemed to block myself and get stuck. The sessions made me realise that my blocks were just a story and left me thinking about what I could do rather than what I couldn`t do, what I can do.It really moved me on in my life. Like spiritual dyno-rod ."

Other Things About Me:

I am told that I have a gift for working with people, with an intuitive grasp and empathy for people from all walks of life. I come from a marketing, advertising and media background. Work with Youth at Risk and the RIDE charity developing and delivering life skills programs; together with an advisory, mentoring and training role at Citizens Advice has further developed my expertise.

I have been a contributor to national and international media including Radio 2, Oprah .com and the Alternative Divorce Show

Oh – and most importantly I have experienced the ups and downs and ins and outs of life!.

I am an only child, a child of the 60`s. I have been married twice, divorced twice, have a son and a step son, been employed, made redundant, am self-employed, built a successful international business, closed a business, experienced the death of parents and close friends, made some close friends, been disappointed by some friends… and so it goes on.

"Estelle helped me to focus on my values and priorities; what was really important to me. I had never really done that objectively before; for me. Then we broke them down into sections so that I could begin to work towards making changes gradually, alongside all of the other things I had to do. I really felt supported and I regained a sense of confidence again after spending time out from work looking after my young son. I have now returned to work, and am pursuing my dream of writing in my spare time." Katherine, Twickenham

I like to keep things simple and straightforward wherever possible; and am naturally curious. I have a particular interest in the subject of friendship, divorce, only children, second adulthood, letting go, starting over and alternative ways of being in the world.

Finally , what inspires me?…lots of things… including Oprah, Ellen De Generes, ET, Mama Mia, travelling - near or far, the sea, alternative ceremonies.

Words that have been used to describe Estelle: “tenacious, empathetic, naturally curious, insightful, optimistic, reassuring, inspiring, real, strong."

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