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It is often said that we only live once. Life is precious. Each and every one of us is special – amazing and unique. I believe we all have so much more to offer the world and those around us. However, most of us are so busy `doing the doing` for everybody and everything else around us that we rarely stop and take stock for us, to consider...

What do we need?... What is really important to us?... How do we really want to be in the world?... How we can truly feel fulfilled and happy? ... I know the power of inspirational coaching and mentoring, of being introduced to new ways of thinking and being. It helped set me on the path to what I do now – and I love what I do.

Here’s how it can work for you:

“When I first started working with Estelle, I thought I wanted to study for a new qualification. After exploring my values , I realised what I really wanted was to enjoy my work, have time for my family and creative pursuits. In coaching sessions, we formulated a plan where I could make this work. I discovered that I didn’t need another qualification. I was able to find a new job after I changed my perspective .” Narinda, Brighton.

How I Can Help You

Before you make a commitment to coaching, I will take time out with you to explore what you are looking for, to discuss what you need and as a result of this, recommend how we might best work together. Email me to book your free consultation My expertise is informed by established coaching, mentoring and training practices, my own unique tools and the wisdom of inspirational authors and teachers.

We can work together in a number of ways:

Individually with one on one coaching sessions; or, by being part of a Women's Coaching Circle

One to One Coaching Sessions

1-1 sessions are a great opportunity to explore your dreams and goals in a dedicated, focused way. Standard sessions are normally 1 hour, and can take place face to face in a convenient location of your choice. This could be at your home or workplace, or a discreet space in a venue such as London's Southbank. Skype or telephone sessions are also available. I have even been known to do walking sessions in the park or by the river.

It’s all about works best for you. I promise that you will enjoy the sessions, and the more you enjoy them and look forward to them, the more you will get out of them. I recommend that you commit to either a 4 to 6 session cycle; and tasks may be set such as reading, reflection, visioning, writing or simple artwork.

Be Inspired Now Women's Coaching Circle

These Circles offer women the opportunity to experience the power, momentum and wisdom of a mutually supportive environment; and gain energising new friends. Once formed, the Circle is closed ( i.e not open to others) and will meet for 6x 2 hour sessions over a 2 month period. You will also benefit from regular e mail support in between sessions, and a 1-1 session with me at the end to review where you are.

In 2017 I will be offering 2 types of Circles – The Toolkit Circle and Helping You Make the Most Circles

The `Toolkit` Circle

Where we come together to explore helpful techniques and ways of thinking to make life easier and more fulfilling. We will look at a number of issues such as values, self-belief, achievement, intention, thought catching, assumption and letting go. You will leave with your own unique Toolkit for Life to support you in new ways of thinking and being. The impact of the Circle will be felt long after the last session.

‘Helping You Make the Most’ Circles

Where you come together with women in similar circumstances or frame of mind to explore solutions to the specific topic at hand and support each other on the journey.

Upcoming Circle's planned for 2017 – Empty Nesting (Sept) and Life after Divorce (Oct). Contact me for more information.

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